Sunday, February 21, 2010

How about an Arugula Salad?

It's pretty difficult to get Arugula or Rocket ( as it is called in Europe) in Mexico.

I got use to it as a nice peppery green for use in a nice light salad along with other baby greens.

A few people have mentioned an interest in growing it, so here it is again. I have done a lot of my salad greens in boxes. This one is made from 3 boards, filled with dirt, and seeded. As you can see the Arugula has sprouted and is about a 1/2 inch high. I have taken the 7 ft long box and run two rows. The first 3rd of the box is Arugula, the middle is red leaf lettuce and the last is
I run two rows, and will plant about 3 to 4 boxs for the season, seperated by about 3 to 4 weeks. This will allow a constant supply of delicious greens for salads and gifts to others who appreicate these tender "weeds".

It is easy, this time I bought some casters and put them on a board the same size as the wood for using the box. This will allow me to move the boxes to catch the sun or to move it away if it gets too hot or bright in direct sun when the plants are not ready for the direct sun.

Planting lettuce now is a great time since if it get too hot it will bolt . You can plant it for a hot climate , you just will have to harvest the leaves right before they bolt, otherwise they can become bitter.

This batch was planted last Tuesday, even with it raining for two days, this is what the result is in just 5 days!

Have fun!

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