Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cilantro Tartar Sauce

I love fish, usually all the fish needs is a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, maybe a little soy or salsa and that's it!
Occasionally there is just something that the fish needs or know what I mean. In that case a little fat sauce will help.
Yep you can just throw a dollop of mayonnaise on it, but why? This is a simple recipe that adds some flavor and justifies the mayo.

To Start:
Place all the ingredients into a small food processor or blender and whirl away until all is combined.
Process until all is smooth,
Pour the stuff into a squeeze bottle, you know the kind mustard comes in, and stick in the refrigerator until needed.
To use,
take the bottle out, give it a shake or two and then squeeze your favorite design all over the fish.

Stuff you will need:

1/2 cup of Mayonnaise ( Best Foods or Hellman(east of the Rockies) )
1 TBS chopped fresh cilantro
1TBS finely chopped while onion
1 TBS finely chopped dill pickles
1/2 TBS finely chopped capers (drain and rinse)
1 TBS chopped fresh basil
1 TBS fresh Italian Parsley
1 to 2 TBS fresh squeezed lemon juice ( To taste)
1/2 tsp salt

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