Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tender Salmon

This is a real simple recipe for the people who always think oven roasted salmon has to be dry and require gobs of sauce to make it palatable. Not so, even though it uses a lot of butter, the butter is not really absorbed into the salmon so it is a pretty low calorie dish, so to speak.

Pre Heat your oven to 250. Take your salmon fillet and cut into proper serving size usually 6 oz is perfect per person size, but I'll leave it up to you.
Melt 2 TBS of butter in a 12 inch pan, generously season the cut salmon pieces with salt and pepper. Place the fish into the melted butter and turn all sides to put an even coating of the butter. Then sprinkle to tops of the fish with the remaining salt and pepper.
(Be sure and take the salmon out of your refrigerator so that it comes to room temperature)
Put the ovenproof pan into the oven.
Every 5 minutes quickly remove the pan, so the heat from the oven doesn't escape and with a brush take the melted butter that is in the pan and paint the individual fish pieces ( A nice aqua will do).
Do this one more time about 13 minutes into the cooking time and at that time check the fish for doneness. Depending on the oven, I usually will find the fish is perfectly cooked at about 15 to 16 minutes.
It will not hurt to leave it in for a few more minutes, since the low cooking temperature will not over cook the fish or rather dry it out.
Remove from the pan, plate it on some warm dishes, put some sauce on it, and there you go!

Just a note, When cooking items you want to be sure that the product is brought to room temperature. All recipes take into that into account. Why? Becuase let's say if the fish has an internal temperature of 40 degrees , which is what it should be if it is in a properly working refrigerator and you put it in the oven, first of all it will reduce the temperature of the oven down a few degrees, just like opening the door and letting the heat escape. It will take an extra 5 to 8 minutes or more depending on the thickness of the fish to overcome the cold inside the fish......The result would be that a piecie of fish, lets say our salmon, would be cooked ok on the outside but undercooked inside. That is why it is probably the most important thing you can do in anykind of cooking, like outdoor grilling, with steaks, or oven roasted etc. to equalize the temperature of the item you are going to cook.

Stuff you will need:

Salmon fillets or whole side cut into serving pieces
butter,melted to brush on the fish
salt and pepper.

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