Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feedback with a photo

It is nice to get feedback on some of the recipes I post. Today I got one from a reader and this time they sent a photo.
The reason I am posting it, is because the photo and the end result seems better than mine!
There is nothing better to see that someone has taken the recipe and put their signature on it!
That is what cooking is all about!

Here are his comments:

Great recipe! We had left over cornish game hens which was enough to make six enchiladas; we each ate three.
Chili sauce was great and easy to do. I reduced all by 1/4 to match quantity of meat and I used the last 5 minutes on broil to get the cheese browned a little.
Recipe is a keeper.. Great with margaritas and Pacifico.

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Tom and Debi said...

but you forgot to link us back to the original post/recipe...

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