Monday, September 6, 2010

Easy Cucumber Salad, 3 ingredients

One of my favorite salads and easy to make is the cucumber salad. You have to use the English hothouse cucs, or the Armenian ones, or any cucumber that is not used for making little pickles.
The cuc needs to be about 5 to 8 inches long.

Wash and peel the cucumber, you can test it and determine if the skin makes it bitter or just peel it, using one of those peeling gadgets, takes about 15 seconds each

I use a mandolin for speed but you can use a plain old kitchen knife. The idea is to have uniform slices. The whole thing takes less than 5 minutes

Once peeled slice the cuc into equal rounds, I cut them into about 1/8 inch or thinner pieces.
Remove the outer skin of a red onion, slice as thin as possible.

Toss in a bowl or fixture that you will store them in with a 1/2 to 3/4 cup of seasoned vinegar.
Let stand at room temp for about 30 minutes, toss again.
Serve as a side salad or top some shredded lettuce.
That's it.

Stuff you will need:

  • One large Red Onion
  • 2 to 3 Long cucumbers
  • 6 oz seasoned rice vinegar

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Dan in NC said...

Great! loved the cuc's in vinegar for years on sandwiches, and have now added the onions (sweet reds)! Now can you provide your recipe for "fatoush" as well? BTW, I also make my own mint sauce from the garden, so I'm looking forward to the BBQ season and your summer suggestions with lamb!
Dan in NC

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