Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Chocolate Time-- Ibarra Mousse Pie

Mexico is know for it's deep chocolate history. What better use of the tasty Ibarra chocolate than to make a rich deep dark mousse pie.
You've seen, well I hope you've seen the Ibarra chocolate on the store shelves, haven't you?

It comes in a a funny yellow octagon round package with 4 or 5 round paper wrapped disks of hard chocolate. Anyway, the chocolate has a distinctive flavor that is synonymous with Mexican hot chocolate drinks. It is pretty sweet and already has cinnamon in it so you will not need to add may other spices into the mix. I mix regular dark semisweet or bittersweet chocolate otherwise the texture of the Ibarra is very coarse.

I usually will spend a few teaspoons testing the mix just right, no, I think it needs a little more sugar, then taste, well maybe a tad more, another taste.......huuumm Ok, just right, but I better be sure just in case.........

You will need a spring form pan, the kind you use for making cheesecakes. You do make cheesecakes don't you? (very easy) by the way, so if you don't buy a pan it will make it a lot easier to unmold the pies and cheesecakes...( I'll give you some easy cheesecake recipes later). Now, if you don't have a spring form pan, don't fret. You can make this in a regular pie pan either glass or metal, but you will have to adjust the ingredients to compensate for the quantity. This recipe will have more stuff than what a glass pan will accommodate, you actually can probably make two pies since the glass pan is only about 1/1/2 high and a spring form pan runs up about 3 inches. So make two and give one away!

Lightly oil the sides of a 10 inch spring form pan. Throw the cookies into a food processor and pulse a few short times until the crumbs are about the size of small peas. Kind of like, about 1/8 of an inch particles. This will make it easy to mold the crust into the pan.

Next throw in the melted butter and the crumbs into a mixing bowl and combine , toss into the springform pan and press into the bottom and sides (up about 3/4 of the up, if you can get it up all the way (no pun intended) do so, that will be even better.
Gently press all the sides and bottom, the more even you get it the better the end result will be.

Gently put the pan full of pressed cookie crumbs into the fridge.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler over hot but not boiling water, stir to be sure all of it melts. This may take a little time depending on how hot your water is. Some times I will put the pan into a warm oven 150 degrees before to get it going.

If you do not have a double boiler you can take a regular pan of water, like a 3 or 4 quart pot fill it with about a inch of water and then find a stainless steel bowl that will rest on the pan so that the steam from the boiling water will warm the bowl. Be sure that the water doesn't touch the bottom of the pan.

While the chocolate is melting, whip 2 cups of cream combined with 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. When the chocolate is all melted, remove from the heat and add two whole eggs and 5 yolks. Mix this very well. And be sure that your chocolate is not too hot otherwise it will scramble the eggs. Not good for mousse pie.....
Take the whipped cream and fold in the cream into the chocolate mixture.

Beat up the egg whites and fold them into the chocolate mixture now. Do not beat it in, FOLD it other wise it will not make this light. ( and collapse the whites)
Pour this mixture into the chilled and eagerly waiting crust. Put back into the fridge and chill out!

You're almost done!

Leave in the fridge overnight or at least 5 hours.

Whip up the rest of the cream and sugar, with the Kahlua and spread about half of the whipped cream on top of the pie.

Carefully unmold the pie.

The best way is like attention.........

Take a thin knife. Something very thin, and dip it into some very hot water to warm it up!
Jam the knife between the pan and the cookie crust and carefully run it around the inside rim of the pie. Then carefully release the spring on the pan............

Now if you want to be fancy and have a pastry piping bag, you can fill the bag with the remaining cream put on a star tip and pipe the remaining cream around the edge .

If you don't own one , why not?

Ok, take a zip lock bag, put all the rest of the whipped cream inside the bag, and cut the bottom corner of the bag, about 1/4 inch, curl up the bag so that you are putting pressure on the bag and the cream is squirting out the hole. Take the squiring bag of cream and make some foolish designs or swirls, curly cues, write your name, your pets name whatever makes you happy!

The last thing to do before eating it.

Grab some regular sweet chocolate or semisweet bar chocolate and take your potato peeler. Scrape chocolate shavings all over the top of the pie. Eat the rest of the bar or save it for the weekend.

Cut the pie with a hot knife. After every cup dip the knife into the hot water and wipe off any excess. ( This will allow the cut pieces a nice clean cut edge)


Stuff you will need:

1 or 2 packages of Nabisco chocolate wafers, or take the Oreo cookies separate and scrape of the icing, use that as the cookie base. You can also use pretty much any chocolate cookie that is a hard cookie to make the crumbs. You will need at least 3 cups of crumbs to make the pie.
4 cups whipping cream
5 eggs, separated
1 cup powdered or confectioners sugar
1/4 cup Kahlua
2 whole eggs
5 oz butter
1/2 lb Ibarra chocolate
1/2 bittersweet chocolate

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